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The highest quality compressors for land & sea.

NitroxMaker™ Commercial Systems


Proprietary Cool-Temp Membrane Technology creates nitrox permeate mixture at ambient temperature – without the need to add heat to achieve adequate performance. The output permeate is within the oxygen and temperature parameters designated by high-pressure compressor manufacturers. Our techno- logy provides fast and stable nitrox production.

Real Time monitoring of nitrox production at two locations. Dual gas analyzers on the nitrox production panel allow the operator to verify the mix produced by the NMCS system AND the mix delivered by the high-pressure compressor simultaneously.

Refrigerated Dryer – Integrated in every NMCS model. The dryer operation is completely automatic, removing the majority of moisture from the air processed by the screw compressor. All models feature smooth-tube heat exchangers with non-fouling surfaces to reduce pressure drop, built-in moisture separators and automatic condensate drains.

Air receiver – Stores air at maximum compressor output pressure, ready for instant production. The receiver buffers compressor output to system demand to reduce compressor cycling and for smoother opera- tion. Powder coated to prevent rust. Safety relief valve and pressure gauge included. Each receiver is sized to match the machinery package and volume require- ments – providing the most efficient use of valuable floor space.

Eco-drain system - NitroxMaker.pngEco-Drain system automatically removes condensate from the receiver and dryer without wasting valuable compressed air volume. Manual test/override function.


Lp filtration array - NitroxMaker.pngLP filtration array – Our triple canister array provides 99.999+% liquid removal and solid particle removal to .01 micron. The filter includes an internal drain to purge waste liquid and extend cartridge life. A differential pressure indicator on every canister allows the operator to quickly verify cartridge status.

Temperature Control – included to stabilize clean air conditions into the membrane, creating stable mixture out. Precise temperature control circuit with automatic shutdown during elevated temperature or low pressure conditions.

Easy-view adjustable pressure regulator - Nitrox Maker.pngEasy-view adjustable pressure regulator. Changing the nitrox production mixture is as easy as changing the pressure.

Sampling regulator is provided to be installed downstream of the final filter array on your high-pressure compressor. The output of the sampling regulator is plumbed to the analyzer on the nitrox production panel so the operator can easily verify the mix being delivered by the high-pressure compressor to scuba tanks or storage banks.

Nitrox transfer hose (12ft) to carry permeate mix to the HP compressor. We use only spiral reinforced hose, conforming to U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) Title 21 requirements for use in food-grade applications, and pharmaceuticals.

Reinforced waste gas vent hose (20ft per membrane) included to carry elevated nitrogen waste to an outside location.

Minimal maintenance. Annual service schedule for the compressor machinery. LP filters are changed as required by usage or annually.

Food grade synthetic compressor oil.

Faster Blend Triox/TriMix upgrade option. Our continuous blend module allows the operator to verify gas content of the scuba cylinder and adjust on a case-by-case basis without the need to drain. Simply select the desired TriOx content and fill. Available to upgrade all current NitroxMakerTM models.

Energy Efficient

High efficiency motor with wye-delta soft start.
Better airend design delivers more air per kW input power. Cooler operating temperature so it can run as much as needed without overheating. A 100% continuous duty cycle 24/7/365

Space Saving Design

The horizontal air receiver is sized to match machinery envelope. You get all the benefits of stored clean air with no increase in precious floor space.

Easy Installation

Single piece construction.
Tested and tuned – ready to connect to your HP compressor. Connect the electric service. Connect the nitrox transfer hose to your HP compressor. Run the waste gas line to a safe outside location.

Easy Maintenance

Service panels reduce noise and are easily removed for access to all service points.
Routine fluid and filter changes.

NitroxMaker™ Yacht Systems

SCUBA tank fill Nitrox Maker Compressor

Every aspect of a new build or a re-fit requires detailed planning and preparation to be successful. Today’s diving systems are an integral part of a yacht’s design and require the same technology and expertise as every other aspect of a project.

For over 30 years Brownie’s Marine Group has specialized in designing, building and installing diving solutions that are specially tailored based on needs and integrated into the overall vessel plans from conception.

Brownie’s uses state-of-the-art 2D and 3D modeling to design complete systems that will meet all of the diving needs of the passengers and crew, as well as the exacting space and power requirements of the vessel.  Whether your diving needs require a basic tankfill system, built-in hookah or a full dive locker, Brownie’s can design and build a diving solution that will be functional, versatile and attractive.

NitroxMaker™ + Brownie’s Yacht Pro

The NitroxMaker™ can be integrated with the Medium Duty YachtPro™ 45 and the full line of heavy duty Yacht Pro™ compressors – YachtPro™ 55, Yacht Pro™ 75 Heavy Duty and YachtPro™ 135 Super Heavy Duty.

This makes nitrox generation available to a wide range of vessel sizes and configurations. 

Start Filling

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