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NMCS 7.5

nitrox maker brownie's commercial tank fill scuba

Brownie’s NitroxMaker™ Commercial Series (NM-CS) systems are
designed to be completely modular and extremely robust.

– The NitroxMaker™ system is integrated into the compressor package for simple “modular” addition to conventional high pressure breathing air systems. Essentially the NM-CS is an instant upgrade to most dive store and dive boat operations and comes complete as a single unit.

Energy Efficient

High efficiency motor with wye-delta soft start. Better airend design delivers more air per kW input power. Cooler operating temperature so it can run as much as needed without overheating. A 100% continuous duty cycle 24/7/365.

Small Footprint

Vertical receiver saves precious floor space.

Easy Installation

Single piece construction.

Easily handled with fork lift or pallet jack.

Tested and tuned – ready to connect to your HP compressor.

Flexible Configuration

Nitrox production panel can be positioned facing left, back (pictured) or to the right.

Easy Maintenance

Lightweight, one-piece cover provides easy access for service.

Routine fluid and filter changes.

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