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Worldwide Installations: MDAGuam

NitroxMaker™ compressors can be found all over the world. A great example of one of our NMCS-30 units, one of our commercial lines, can be found at Micronesian Divers Association’s GUAM (MDAGuam) location.

The professionals at MDAGuam know that Brownie’s NitroxMaker™ Commercial Series (NMCS) systems are designed to be completely modular and extremely robust.

The NitroxMaker™ system is integrated into the compressor package for simple “modular” addition to conventional high pressure breathing air systems. Essentially, the NMCS is an instant upgrade to most dive store and dive boat operations and comes complete as a single unit.

Within the diving community, the term “Nitrox” refers to breathing gas mixtures of nitrogen and oxygen (excluding trace gases) that contain higher than normal levels of oxygen. Normal air has a typical oxygen content of 20.9%. The most common nitrox mixes used for scuba diving contain 32% and 36% oxygen.

Nitrox is the gas of choice for recreational diving the world over, gaining steadily in popularity and availability since the mid 80’s. Diving with nitrox reduces the uptake of nitrogen in body tissues, lowering the risk of decompression sickness and allowing extended dive times. Many divers also report feeling healthier and less fatigued when diving nitrox as compared with diving air. 

Brownie’s NitroxMaker™ systems are designed to mate with the most common high-pressure compressors in use in professional dive operations, commercial applications, police/fire/military, dive clubs and even private yachts. These systems are capable of producing and analyzing nitrox mixtures from 21%-40% with the turn of a dial. The operator can quickly and easily change the mixture to suit different diving needs.

The NitroxMaker™ produces the desired gas using a high-efficiency semi-permeable membrane system that removes nitrogen from air, thereby creating mixtures with higher concentrations of oxygen. This method of nitrox production eliminates the need to carry bulky and potentially hazardous cylinders of pure oxygen on board. Additionally, by utilizing a membrane that does not require high-temperature heating for stabilization or efficiency, potential damage to the high-pressure compressor is avoided. 

Want to be as cool and prepared as the folks at MDAGuam? Contact our sales team to learn more about our commercial compressor line and the great variety of configuration options we offer.



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